Let the tradition through the all time
Restore art to life


文章來源: 發布時間:2017-10-17












We struggled for the food, clothes and existence for a long time so that ancestors’ leisurely spirits were always strange, luxurious and far from our daily life. The appearance of Tianyi Museum is to transcend the time and space and jogs our memory of leisurely spirits. Leisure is calmness rather than reckless exultation; it is also not the privilege of the rich, but spiritual freedom everyone who loves life and is good at thinking can enjoy; it is within reach and exists in daily life.

Everything in this museum from porcelain, jades, bronze wares and classical furniture to Bamboo, wood, ivory and horn carvings, ancient calligraphy and paintings and even quality artworks made in five famous kilns in the Northern Song Dynasty, cherishing the attitude of mildness and a low profile, faces everyone who comes and is immersed in the museum. It is easy to find that the museum seems to be whispering against visitors while the sounds of historical stories clearer and clearer at the quiet dusk and that glimmers of light which emerges from those objects will shine the gathering twilight.

A jade wine cup made in Warring States by special technical has reflected emperors ‘spirits; a Guqin outlined in gold in the period of The Yongzheng Emperor has witnessed the love in the imperial palace; a cold bronze sword has performed in the moonlight of Han and Tang Dynasty, dwarfed wars and desserts and been far from the wealth and prosperity, all of which remain and narrate the past for visitors.

It is such interactions that keep ancestors’ elaborate life alive again. In the past, they enjoyed the leisure rather than hollowness, lived an elegant and positive life in the exquisite courtyards they specially built where rockeries and waters were elaborately combined with various pavilions and porches. Sometimes they would drink wine by the moonlight, tea around flowering shrubs, stand still in the rain, stare at the sun in the wind, exchange ideas  about dhyana with monks or talk about poems with famous prostitutes. Their leisurely elegance resembling a picture of hazy beauty, gives people a deeply moving sense and shines light into the past and present history of civilization.

The museum positioned itself as the prior place where people want to go at leisure, where there is not closed but open to everyone, whose final purpose is to attract more persons. The museum stands for a harmonious relation including collection, cherishment, exhibition, tastes and sharing.